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Chennai Pets And Aquarium was started in 2019 as a leading pet supply store in Sithalapakkam, Chennai and by now we are with great success. We offer a variety of fishes, aquarium accessories, birds, bird supplements, dogs, cats, hamsters, pet foods and much more. We have over 500 species in stock at all times. 
Chennai Pets And Aquarium is committed to provide the best products at the best prices so you can enjoy your pets with complete peace of mind. We source our products from trusted vendors in India and globally to ensure that we are offering only the best quality products for your pets. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction and we ensure that you get what you want at all times.
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Find a wide range of fishes including Gourami, angel fish, shark, eel, goldfish, guppies, flower horn, tetra, betta, molly, zebra, cichlid, platy, oscar, koi, discus, Arowana and much more. 300+ fish varieties are stocked up for you. If you're looking for some fresh and exotic fishes then you should visit us today because we have everything that you need!

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Aquarium Tanks & Accessories

If you're looking for aquarium fish tanks, then you'll want to check out our wide selection. We have clear glass tanks, tabletop tanks, wall mount tanks, and more. In addition, we offer fish bowls, imported fish tanks with stands, and fish tank filters. Equip your tanks with a light, motor pump, stones etc.

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Are you a bird lover? Then this is the store for you. Chennai Pets and Aquarium has everything a bird enthusiast could ask for. We have a wide range of finches, budgies, pigeons, duck , conures, african birds, tamed birds such as cockatiels, parrots and canaries. Come check us out!

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Bird Foods, Cages & Accessories

We have the best selection of cages and accessories for birds so that they can be happy and feel at home in their new surroundings. We also stock all the bird food that your feathered friends will love! And when it comes to toys, we have something for every kind of bird: climbers, rings, balls and more.

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Chennai Pets and Aquarium is here to help you pick the best companion for your lifestyle. We have a wide variety of purebred dogs from different breeds, including Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pug, Shih Tzu, and more. All our dogs are friendly, well-mannered pooches who get along great with other dogs and people alike.

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Dog Foods & Accessories

Want to know the secret of a perfect pet? Cuteness! Chennai Pets and Aquarium offers you the most adorable pets and accessories as per your choice. We have quality top branded dog foods, cages, toys, shampoo, belt collar in different colors. So what are you waiting for? Explore your shop now to buy your pet needs!

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If you're looking for a purr-fect companion, then look no further than Chennai Pets and Aquarium! We have a wide range of adorable cats for sale that are sure to become your new favorite pet. Whether you're looking for a friendly Himalayan cat or an affectionate Persian cat, we have the perfect cat for you!

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Cat Foods & Accessories

Cats are always up for some play when they're bored, so why not give them their own special foods, toys and accessories? We sell all kinds of cat food that your kitty will love. We also have cages, toys, food tray, collar and other accessories in stock if you want to get yourself started on the right foot.

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Rajeev Raghavan
Very friendly owner, Reasonable margin, Variety of pets.Customer satisfaction is their vision. Best place to buy pets, Recommended...
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Vignesh K
One of the best shop near by Medavakkam surrounding people's.Available all kind of foods and accessories for dogs, cats, fishes. Karhtick is the nice person to clear our doubts and explain if anything more required.
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Jai Jai
Value to price
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Mario bonaface
One of the best stop in our area, very genuine shop keeper. Provides quality products at very reasonable price.
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Chinna Krishnan
Price is too good👍